Why Creativity?

Pursue any article regarding the most desired skills for the future and you will find that creativity consistently ranks within the top five skills. Several authors may refer to aspects such as “problem-solving” or “innovative thinking”, however, these are a derived from the much larger creativity “umbrella”. Companies that are cognisant of the dawning of the 5th Industrial Revolution are preferring to employ people above machines in certain areas of their factories as humans can propose ideas for improvement that signifies the need for creative solutions to unique challenges.

One may contemplate and ask; “If the creative skill is so important, why was it not part of my upbringing?” A possible answer to this question may be that in times where change is trending towards a greater need for such competencies in the workplace, education systems battle to keep up with adding such soft-skills to their curricula. Until now, creativity has been somewhat of a mysterious topic condemned to statements such as: “I simply wasn’t born creative”, or even more degrading, “I’m not artistic enough to be creative”. These indifferent misconceptions are on the verge of being eliminated as more and more people come to realise that creativity is an entirely relevant topic and competence that can be acquired through learning and practicing.

Become a front-runner! Start developing yourself today as a master of this art by becoming a scholar and practitioner of creativity.

Dispel Untruths

What is Creativity?

Understand the role of creativity and enjoy richer application and deeper enjoyment by transcending common myths and misconceptions.

Creativity is Central

ACI holds the view that creativity is central to the process of management and thinking constructs, particularly styles of thinking associated with the managerial shifts required for stratospheric development, as well as the adoption of new modalities applied as solutions.